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"If you like music that makes you feel good, then this is it."
- Jack Orbin, Stone City Attractions
San Antonio, TX

"a piece of Caribbean paradise"
- Caribbean Life Newspaper
New York City, NY

"Bringing reggae into the new millenium"
- Douglas Sloan, The Metronome
Boston, MA

"Nice summertime tunes with catchy vocals and some great playing"
- Stu Hamm, Bx3 / Joe Satriani
San Francisco, CA

"The band easily veers from reggaes to blues to socas to funk to keep the crowds dancing and cheering."
" The music is definitely destined to put a smile on your face."
- World Rhythm Magazine

Pomona Valley 2010
Bad Luck & Desire 2010
Bikini Panty 2010
Lift Up Your Leg 2010
Freedom Fighter 2010
Mash It Up 2008
Garitibeiti 2008
Rod of Correction 2007
Various Clips 2007
Pomona Valley 2006
How Good It Is - On Fox25 News 2006